A fresh approach to food from an activist Entrepreneur and celebrity chef


We created Eat the Change® because we know there’s a more delicious and planet-friendly way to eat.

The foods we choose represent our single biggest single environmental impact.



Seth and Spike met back in 2017 at a food policy panel at George Washington University. The always eager salesman/entrepreneur, Seth brought along a cooler of Honest Tea and Beyond Burgers, and snuck it under Spike’s chair. Though initially skeptical of veggie burgers, Spike cooked up some Beyond burgers at home for his family, including his wife who is vegan, and was hooked!

From then on the two started collaborating on food innovation concepts guided by Seth's track record for mission based entrepreneurship and Spike's expertise in creating indulgent dining experiences.


Their first collaboration was PLNT Burger, a plant-based, quick-service restaurant that opened in September 2019. The menu, featuring Beyond burgers and sausage, as well fries, soft-serve and more, was recognized by DCEater as #1 vegan restaurant in the area.

While sourcing ingredients for PLNT, Seth and Spike paid a visit to a fourth generation organic mushroom farm based in Kennett Square, PA. There they learned about the production of yellow oyster mushrooms, and how their fruiting bodies, which are normally composted, can serve as a great substitute for a chicken filet. This discovery sparked the creation of a PLNT menu fan favorite: THE CRISPY CHIK N’ FUNGUY, a delicious sandwich made from this upcycled ingredient.

With their eyes opened to the possibilities of mushrooms as a blank canvas for amazing flavor combinations, they started to explore what other delicious foods they could create. They also realized they had a great brand name embedded inside of one of PLNT Burger's marketing slogans: "Eat the change you wish to see in the world."

Soon after, Eat the Change® was born.



Seth Goldman is Co-Founder and Chief Change Agent of Eat the Change®. Seth is also the Co-Founder of PLNT Burger, Honest Tea, and Chair of the board of Beyond Meat.

He has been widely recognized for his entrepreneurial success and impact, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Greater Washington, the Washington DC Business Hall of Fame, Beverage Industry magazine’s Executive of the Year, Beverage World’s #1 Disruptor and Partnership for Healthier America’s CEO of the Year.

Spike Mendelsohn is the Co-Founder and Chef of Eat the Change®. Spike is also the Co-Founder and Culinary Director of PLNT Burger. A nationally recognized chef and restaurateur, as well as Bravo's Top Chef Fan Favorite, Spike combines his passion for food equity and education by working with organizations like CARE, DC Central Kitchen and Food Rescue US. He also serves as the chairman of DC's Food Policy Council.

Chef Spike is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked with some of the world’s most renowned chefs and restaurateurs during his nearly three decade career.


Our team is made up of driven individuals who are passionate about changing our food system for the better. We hope you will
join us by eating the change yourself and keeping an eye on open positions as we grow.